A singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Frazer's style makes for an intimate mixture of heavy, soft, happy and sad.


He's supported Jimmy Barnes, Daryl Braithwaite, Pete Murray, Jebediah, and toured with Jon Stevens.

Sean has just released his second album The Morning Hours.

"Twelve months to write and record an album, I think that's ages, that's a long time"


"I remember I went in to see Tim Carr in November of 2017 and I had a few songs; and some lyrics and we just went from there. Nothing was complete - that's why it's probably taken so long"

"Lyrics are a killer at times... I only write about "real" stuff so if it's happened to me or to someone I know, I won't make it up, that's how its always worked for me"


"Working with Tim Carr (Producer) has been amazing, at times I've felt not worthy"


"He's worked with all these big artists like Matt Corby, Urthboy, Julia Stone... then there's... me!"


"The new record is different to Sunny Town which was a lot more stripped back - it was very acoustic with just a little bit of percussion. The new album has plenty going on, a lot of instruments"

"It hasn't been the best year for me away from the music. I lost my Dad halfway through writing the album. He's one of the big reasons why I've got to finish it."

"Frazer’s warm vocals croon and pluck at our heartstrings as deftly as he plucks (or strums) at his acoustic guitar, unfolding a tale of aching nostalgia, the passing of time, sadness, celebration and making the most out of every day lived."

- Emmy Mack, Good Intent

"This is a guy with a guitar and a story. He just wants to tell it with no bullshit bells and whistles."

- Nic Kelly, Project U

"Sean Frazer's beautiful new album 'The Morning Hours' is disarmingly warm, a pick-me-up for those times in your life when you feel like your soul is being crushed."

- Nick Wasiliev, Music Journalist

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